Kids Were Here {March 2014}

Three simple words, right?  Kind of…   but not really.  Not for this special project anyway.


Welcome to the 2014 Blog Circle Kids Were Here.   A sneak peek into our daily lives as we document and share evidence that our children have left their mark.  As moms, we may get upset that toys were strewn all over the place or crayons were used to decorate the walls and furniture.  One day our babies won’t be babies.  One day our toddlers will go off to school.  One day those school aged kids will leave for college.  We will always have the memories.  Whether good, bad, messy or downright destructive.  The photos we will look back at most and grin about are the ones that remind us of what our children were doing on that particular day, at that very moment.


Toddler with a lollipop.

Sticky hands.

When watching tv one evening, my husband and I noticed a little something on the wall that didn’t quite belong.  I knew the walls were clean, as I was getting ready to paint them over the weekend.  The sun glistened in just right and lo and behold, that smudged spot on the wall was a teeny little hand print.  Miss Emmersyn had been eating a lollipop earlier that day.  She must have needed a little leverage because of the strategic placement of the print.    If we lived in a dark house, that little print would probably have gone unnoticed. lol

 march kwh


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  1. Reply
    Andrea March 30, 2014

    Little sticky handprints are such a sweet sign that our children were here. One day it will be hard to imagine that her hand was ever that small! Great capture! 🙂

  2. Reply
    Missy March 31, 2014

    Great post , Tammi ! It made me smile .

  3. Reply
    Andria April 3, 2014

    This is so sweet. Am glad you captured it and was able to document the reason behind it.

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