Kids Were Here {January 2014}

Three simple words, right?  Kind of…   but not really.  Not for this special project anyway.


 Welcome to the 2014 Blog Circle Kids Were Here.   A sneak peek into our daily lives as we document and share evidence that our children have left their mark.  As moms, we may get upset that toys were strewn all over the place or crayons were used to decorate the walls and furniture.  One day our babies won’t be babies.  One day our toddlers will go off to school.  One day those school aged kids will leave for college.  We will always have the memories.  Whether good, bad, messy or downright destructive.  The photos we will look back at most and grin about are the ones that remind us of what our children were doing on that particular day, at that very moment.

This project is not my comfort zone.  Not one bit.  I am a portrait photographer.   I don’t take pictures of things, I photograph people.  My house gets picked up before my camera comes out.  That’s who I am.  I am always up for the challenge though!  My posts may be boring and choppy but at least they will get done.  That’s my goal anyway. 😉

This little masterpiece here took Emmersyn (19 months) and Mason (5 1/2 years) quite a while.  From taking my order to prepping the food to making me coffee, they did it all.  As soon as it was done, I knew this would be the perfect “mess” to document.  This happened early on in the New Year but thanks to these photos, I remember it like it was yesterday.



13 2



The mess left behind.  I resisted the urge to clean it up until I got a picture.  The kids had fun.  They were here in this moment.  That’s all that matters.  🙂

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A Special Announcement From the McCleary’s

timiline cover

The McCleary Family has been a part of my life for quite a few years now and I love them like family.  I was so excited when Kelsey asked me to document this special announcement for all of you!  🙂

I had Kelsey take a very informal post on FB by placing the above photo as her timeline cover for a few days.  The results are in-  Almost everyone thinks Baby #4 will be a BOY.


Look at all those blue tally marks!  haha     Apparently, everyone believes The McCleary’s need their family to be an even 2 girls and 2 boys.   How do you think the kids voted?  Do big sisters Kaelyn & Jordyn think they are getting a brother or a sister?


I can’t simply post the reveal without sharing some of my favorite images from their mini session.  These two are just the sweetest couple ever.   I wish them all the best.  They are the best parents any child could ask for.  Their hearts are so full of love that I know this little blessing will fit right in with all of them.



Sweet baby Landon.  Just 10 months old and about to be a Big Brother!  I don’t think he cares one way or the other whether or not Mommy and Daddy are giving him a baby brother or sister.   I cannot wait to watch these two grow up together.  They are going to have such a wonderful bond being so close in age. ♥


This is your final chance to take a guess or change your initial one!  Do you still think boy?  What about girl?  Only one way to find out…


Look at this beautiful mama with all her babies!  Soon she will be a mommy to FOUR kids!   She has definitely been blessed with some adorable children!  Kaelyn, Jordyn and Landon are so lucky to have Kelsey as their mama.   (Don’t worry Justin, I think you are equally as blessed and they are equally as lucky!).  🙂

Alright, you all have been so patient and hopefully none of you cheated by scrolling to the bottom of this post. *wink*   Let’s see how well you are paying attention.  Make sure to leave a comment on this post for Justin and Kelsey.  For every comment they receive, I will gift them $2 in photo print credit.













What a HOOT! {First Birthday Cake Smash Session}

Oh how I adore 1st birthday sessions!  This one is especially great because she’s *my* baby. ♥    Taken on her actual birth date, Emmersyn got to dig into her cake.  This was part of a giant 3-tiered birthday cake we had for her party.  We saved the topper just for this occasion.




Don’t you just love her little outfit?  I came across the bloomers while browsing Etsy one afternoon and I had to have it.  The shop owner made me a custom bow to match and had the set shipped within a couple of days.  She did a phenomenal job and the little details are just too precious.  If you are in the market for boutique bows and other items, check out Lil’ Mommas on Etsy or find her on Facebook.




As much as this kid loves sweets, she wasn’t very interested in getting messy.  lol    She was continuously trying to wipe her hands clean and share her cake with mommy and daddy.




After a little taste and a lot of coercing from daddy (my assistant for the evening), the smashing began!  🙂     Emmersyn wasn’t quite sure WHY we wanted her to make such a mess but hey…  it makes for cute photos!  haha     Judging by the little look on her face here, she wanted to know that it was a-okay to get so dirty.



All of my cake smash sessions are quick, fun and make great memories!!   When booked with a child’s 1-year session, cake smashes are FREE and include a 12×12 storyboard.   If a family session is booked, a smash cake “mini” session may be added on for $50 (may be done same day or within 72 hours).


When all is said and done, some kids will eat until they clean their plate and others just whine a bit and leave the studio.   Goodbye Miss E…  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!